EkoRad exclusively Supplies and distributes Italian manufactured heaters. EkoRad is a design patented across Europe, and is only available from us throughout the UK. Elegant design with precision engineering from a family run manufacturing company with over 40 years experience, we understand what is needed to ensure a home is comfortable and warm. We approach each and every heating scenario with pure passion and dedication. All of our heating systems fit within three categories: design, comfort and low consumption.


We understand that people take pride in their homes appearance. With this in mind we’ve ensured all of our heaters are aesthetically pleasing.They’re sleek and are a much slimmer option compared to the traditional storage heater, which makes them perfect for any room within your home.


State of the art heating technology makes our electric radiators what they are! Through the use of innovative technological designs, our heaters will keep you warm and comfortable throughout those colder months.

Low Consumption:

Whilst looking great, as well as providing warm, our heaters will keep your pockets lined! There’s nothing better than keeping a warm home for a cost effective price!

You couldn’t ask for more!

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