How they Work

EkoRad heaters use various modern heating functions that makes them great for protecting your home from the cold. Using natural convection and radition (EkoRad Dual Therm Technology) alongside an efficient control system will guarantee your electric heaters work efficiently and economically.



Natural Convection

If the heater utilizes natural convection, it uses a principle where air flows into the internal components and warms by coming into contact with the aluminium heating core (see figure 1). Once the air is warmed it is distributed out from the top of the heater and circulated around the room. This is a continuous cycle. As the room temperature rises, the air that enters the heater is warmer, and thus the heating process speeds up. This is a simple and economic method that will guarantee a warm room. Ekorad heaters that use this method include: Eko-Rad, Eko-Flow and the Eko-Heat.


EkoRad Dual Therm Technology -  Convection and Radiant Heat

If the heater uses Ekorad dual therm technology, it utilizes more than one heating method. On the one hand, it uses convection, increasing the room temperature by using warm air that is circulated around the room. The partner method, radiant heat, disperses warmth from the heating panel (see figure 2). This gives off a warming sensation that is created by the internal aluminium heating core. This is an economic method that circulated an even distribution of heat and creates a comforting, cosy atmosphere. This method can be found on Ekorad, Eko-Rad, Eko-Heat


EkoRad Integrated Thermostat Control

All Ekorad heaters come with an integrated thermostatic control system. The Eko-Flow, Eko-Heat (see figure 3B) Eko-Rail (see figure 4) have simple to use dials. Rotating the dial to the temperature you desire will result in the room temperature being changed to what is set. They all come with an LED indicator light that displays whether the heater is activated and an on / off button to manual deactivate the heater. The thermostat will, however, automatically stop distributing heat once the room temperature has altered to what is set on the thermostat dial. 







Optional Wireless Control and Infrared Receiver 

The Eko-Flow and Eko-Heat can be synchronized with a wireless control system. Order the Infrared Receiver (Figure 3A) and the wireless remote control (Figure 5) and you can program your heater to a seven day schedule and heat preference. The wireless remote control can be used with more than one heater so long as your heaters are installed with the infrared receiver. This system allows for precise, easy control producing economic and comfort results second to none.This is an added upgraded and must be purchased seperately. The Eko-Heat has an already installed infrared receiver, therefore you only need to purchase the wireless remote control. 


Eko-Rad Integrated Thermostat Control

The Eko-Rad dual therm equipped electric panel heater makes use of a newly integrated thermostat control system (Figure 8). This modern digital thermostat comes with a motion sensor, weekly programmer, consumption display and an energy saving mode that knows when the windows are open. Using simple to use dials, you can set an economy and comfort setting for your heater. After these are set, the motion sensor will know when your in the room and when you are not. Exit the room and the heater will automatically lower its output, saving electricity. If you know when you''re likely to be out the house, you can program the heater so that it is on a lower temperature. However, it's best to ensure the room temperature stays at a constant heat that is not to far below your comfort setting. This way when you return, the heater dosn't have to work to hard to lift the temperature back up. The Eko-Rad heater is also suitable for bathroom, and can come with a towel rail (Figure 9)

Eko-Air Touch Screen Control

The Eko-Air comes with a stylish touch screen control system. Simple to use, the control system utilizes a motion sensor. Once you’ve set your desired economy and comfort setting, the Eko-Air’s motion sensor takes control. Enter the room and the heater instantly changes to comfort, releasing warm air from the fan at the bottom. The heater comes with an LED indicator light that lets you know when the heater is consuming from the electricity. Red symbolises that your heater is set to comfort and Green for Economy. No LED light will display when the heater is off. A programming function is also installed into the heaters control system, meaning you can set your heater hours in advance. The Eko-Air also comes with a towel rail. Towels can be attached by the hooks, or held around the rail. 

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