•   Bi-modal Control System
  •   Economy / Comfort Settings
  •   Motion Sensor
  •   Low Consumption
  •   Uses Fan Heating and Convection
  •   Effective and Efficient
  •   Maintains Temperature of the Room
  •   Protects From Damp and Mould
  •   Slimline Design
  •  Touch Screen Control Panel 

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The Eko-Air bathroom heater is fan operated, meaning it produces a warming sensation that will have a positive effect on a room’s temperature. Due to it's fanning capabilities, it also guarantees it will dry wet areas, making it perfect for bathrooms. 

As well as using a fan that pushes warm air into the room, the heater also makes use of a convection element. Given that convection also disperses warm air into the room, the fan and convection system can work together, protecting the bathroom from dampness and mould.

The Eko-Air has Bi-modal control system. This means that it has dual capabilities that allow you to set both a comfort setting and an economic setting. The comfort setting allows you to set a warmer room temperature, whilst the economy setting allows for a lower temperature, meaning the room stays constantly warm, but for smaller running cost.

Working alongside the comfort/economy capabilities is a motion sensor. The motion sensor knows when you enter or leave a room, and changes the settings accordingly. When you enter the room, the heater will sense your presence and change the temperature to match your comfort setting. Once you leave the room, the heater will revert back to your economy setting.

If you're looking for a heater that will keep your bathroom comfortably warm, whilst protecting the room from dampness and mould, order Eko-Air.

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The Eko-Air bathroom electric heater comes in one size



The Eko-Air has an integrated touch screen control system. Coming with bi-model control (comfort / economy temperature) and a presence sensor, the Eko-Air modern electric heater is able to effectively heat your bathroom for an economic price.

When turning the Eko-Air on for the first time, you will need to set the time. To do this you press the the  button for 2 seconds. It will respond, sending you to the set time display. To set the hour, press the  arrow until you reach the correct hour. Then hold  for a further 2 seconds to switch to the minutes section. Again, press  until you reach the correct time. After you've correctly set the time, your desired comfort temperature must be set. Again, hold  for 2 seconds until you switch to a flashing temperature display. Now press  until you reach your desire comfort temperature. At this point, your heater is set to disperse heat when the room temperature lowers beneath what is set. 

To set the heater to distribute heat hours in advance, hold  for 2 seconds. Then, once you've entered the timer mode you need to hold the mode button to enter the setting process. Set the hour you desire, then finalise the action by holding the mode button.  

The Eko-Air modern electric heater has a filter to stop the heating element from coming into contact with dust or dirt. The filter is user removable and can be cleaned easily with water. It is recommended that you clean the filter once every six months for optimum heating potential.

For more information on how to use the Eko-Air heater view the instruction manual 





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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Bi-Model control?

Bi-model control means that the heater has duel capabilities that allows it to be set on two heat settings, economy and comfort. This ensures that the room remains comfortable throughout the day, maintaining the room temperature for an economic price when your not in the room.

Q. Does the Eko-Air come in any other colours other than white?

No. The Eko-Air is only available in white.

Q. Can the Eko-Air be positioned underneath a window?

No, the Eko-Air is best positioned high on the wall. This way the convection and radiation fan effect can have a greater impact on the room, warming and reducing dampness.

Q. Does the Eko-Air make much noise?

The Eko-Air's fan does make a constant noise when it is on. The sound is similar to a hair dryer, but not as loud. This can be seen as a positive, allowing you to be fully aware when the heater is consuming from the electricity. 

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