•   Natural Convection Technology
  •   Intelligent Control of Power
  •   Electronic Control System
  •   Perfect Long Lasting Precision
  •   Optional Wireless Remote Control (Sold Separately)
  •   Internal Aluminium Heating Core
  •   Energy Saving
  •   Daily/Weekly Programming for your own comfort
  •   Electronic Thermostat
  •   Enjoy Heat in Less Than 15 Minutes

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The Eko-Flow is a stylish electric panel heater that uses natural convection technology and radiant heat to warm a room. Air flows into the electric panel heater from the vents at the bottom. It then moves through the heater coming into contact with an aluminium heating core. It then warms the air to the set temperature on the control panel. The warm air is then dispersed from the top of the heater where it evenly heats the room.

Whilst convection effectively warms the room, the electric element creates a warming sensation through the use of radiant heat. The radiant heat creates a comforting blanket of warmth that heats objects and people around the heater.

The Eko-flow is controlled using an integrated temperature controlled thermostat. The simplistic dials allow you to easily set the temperature you wish the room to be at.

The Eko-Flow electric panel heater can be upgraded to have programming capabilities through the use of the wireless remote control (sold separately). Simply install the infrared receiver (sold separately) to connect the wireless controller with the heater. 

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Eko-Flow natural convection heaters are available in four different sizes:

Eko-Flow Control System





Window Type:

Wall Insulation:

Floor Insulation:

Loft Insulation:

Room Type:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Eko-Flow come with the wireless remote control

NO. This is an added upgrade that must be purchased seperately. You must order the infrared receiver and remote control. If you are ordering more than one heater, you need to order an infrared receiver for each heater. However, you only require one remote control, as the remote control can be sychronised to more than one heater

Q. Does this heater require yearly maintenance?

NO. Electric heaters do not require maintenance, and as such save you £££ annually!

Q. What size should I choose?

This depends on the size of a room. For larger room, you will require a larger wattage output to guarantee an even heat distribution. Call us or send us an enquiry for more information.


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