•  Slimline Design Only 8cm
  •  Dual Therm Technology
  •  Easy to Install
  •  Integrated Manual Controls
  •  Easy Programming Daily/Weekly
  •  Temperature Controlled Thermostat
  •  Aluminum Element
  •  Wireless Remote Control (Sold Separately)

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EkoRad - Slimline Electric Radiators - Trust Pilot 5 Star Reviews

The Eko-Heat is an ultra slimline (8cm in depth) electric heater that sits portrait on the wall. It utilizes Ekorad’s Dual Therm Technology, and has full controllability thanks to the integrated thermostat.

The Eko-Heat is available in one size: 120cm (h) x 43cm (w) and has a power input of 1000w. The low input ensures the heater consumes less electricity than other electric heaters such as night storage. The Eko-Heat can warm rooms up to 22m3. 

The Eko-Heat is controlled using a simple dial system. If you require more heat in the room, you increase the dial. To lower the output to maintain a moderate temperature you simply turn the dial down.

Upgrading your Eko-Heat and purchasing the wireless remote control (sold separately) will increase your controllability even more! This will allow you to set a daily program making your heater more efficient.

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The Eko-Heat is available in one size:


Eko-Heat Control System




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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Eko-Heat come in any other sizes?

No. At the moment the 43x120 is the only size available for the Eko-Heat

Q. How does Duel Therm Technology work?

The EkoRad Duel Technology works through the use of convection and radiant. Using the two together ensures that a room gets an even distribution. Convection helps to disperse warm air into the room, thus gradually changing the ambient temperature. Whilst radiation helps to support the convector by releasing a constant flow of warmth into the room that heats the object rather than the air. 

Q. Does the Eko-Heat come with the wireless remote control

No, in order to get programming capabilities using the wireless remote control you must order the infrared receiver and remote control separately. The infrared receiver installs directly onto the integrated control panel located on the Eko-Heat electric heater, whereas the wireless control can be positioned anywhere around the room once the programming has been transffered to the heater. The wireless remote control requires two AAA batteries. Batteries not included 

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