•  LCD Screen Control Panel
  •  Dual Therm Technology
  •  Instant Heat within minutes
  •  Even distribution of heat
  •  Presence Sensor
  •  Comfort / Economy Temperature
  •  Consumption Display
  •  Open Window Security Function
  •  Optional Towel Warmer Bar (750w only)
  •  Daily/Weekly/Weekend Programming

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The Eko-Rad modern electric heater is suitable within any room around your home, including bathrooms and kitchens. It is a fully functioning Dual Therm modern electric heater that warms using convection, radiant heat and an internal heating element. Air flows in through the bottom of the heater, where it comes into contact with the internal heating element. The air then warms and is dispersed from the top of the heater. 

Digital LCD Thermostat / Control

The Eko-Rad modern electric heater comes with an integrated control system. Utilising a presence sensor, window security function, comfort / economy setting plus having a consumption display, the LCD control system ensures your Eko-Rad heater warms any room to a comfortable temperature.They can also keep hourly consumption as low as 6p per hour!?

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The Eko-Rad is available in four different sizes:

Eko-Rad Digital Control System


Comfort / Economy Settings

This allows you to set two different temperatures. Comfort is a higher temperature for when you are in the room, whereas economy is a lower temperature used for when you’re not in the room. 

Presence Sensor

Using infrared, the presence sensor automatically changes the room from comfort to economy. Enter the room and the heater will sense your presence, therefore will set the temperature to whatever the comfort setting is? Exit the room and the heater will revert back to economy, lowering the temperature and overall consumption rate.

Window Security Function

Like the presence sensor, the window security function uses infrared. This function senses when a window, or door is left open. Once an instant change in air pressure / temperature is noticed, the heater automatically turns itself off, reducing energy wastage

Consumption Display

The LCD indicates how much energy is being used at the time. This keeps you on top of your expenditure, ensuring you remain in control of your energy consumption weekly programming. The Eko-Rad control function allows you to set an automatic program. This means that you can manage your heater so that it is only active during certain periods of the day

Weekly Programming

The Eko-Rad control function allows you to set an automatic program. This means that you can manage your heater so that it is only active during certain periods of the day

Power Check

Built-in consumption PowerCheck function that enables you to monitor exactly how much electricity (KW) was consumed in the last 24 hours or in the last 7 days

For more information on how to install and control the Eko-Rad electric heater, view the instruction manual here English instructions start from page 19. 




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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I currently use night storage heaters. Will a Eko-Rad heater be more efficient?

YES, unlike night storage heaters, our heaters are responsive to the temperature change, therefore have less energy wastage and produce a more efficent amount of heat. The use of a thermostat ensures that the room is heated to a comfortable temperature. When the room reaches your set temperature for comfort, the heater will stop distributing heat - unlike night storage heaters that continue dispersing the stored heat.

Q. How does the motion sensor work?

The motion sensor works through the use of infared technology. The sensor knows when you enter the room, and changes the temperature output from the economy setting to comfort to fully warm the room.

Q. How will Eko-Rad  modern electric heaters save me money?

The Eko-Rad electric heater will save you money through it's digital control system. Having the ability to switch between a comfort or economy temperature through the use of the presence sensor stops the heater from being wasteful, only distributing at its highest consumption setting when you're in the room. You can choose to lower the comfort temperature to further reduce wastage. 21°C is the recommended comfort temperature for cosy warmth and economic savings. 

Q. How long is the electrical wire?

The electrical wire on all Ekorad products is 96cm (approx.).

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