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Dual Surface Tower Rail / Fixed Surface Tower Rail

  •   Diffuses in all Directions
  •   Dual Heating Surface
  •   Heats Twice as Many Towels
  •   Low Consumption
  •   Rotates 180°
  •   Diffused Heat Technology by EkoRad
  •   Maintains temperature of the room
  •   Immediate Warming Sensation (5-6 minutes)
  •   Quick and Easy Installation
  •   Remote Control

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EkoRad - Slimline Electric Radiators - Trust Pilot 5 Star Reviews

Eko-Rail bathroom radiators are perfect for all bathrooms of any size. The slim, modernistic design guarantees that these heaters will give your bathroom that lively appearance it's been looking for.

Coming with integrated towel rails, these heaters are both stylish and practical. Whilst they're sure to dry your towels fast, all Eko-Rail electric radiators will also warm your bathroom, keeping it dry. They'll also protect the room from condensation, dampness and mould. 

The immediate radiant effect of the entire surface makes for excellent heat diffusion. At the same time, the instant warming sensation pushes the electric radiator to reach its maximum temperature in just 5-6 minutes! Other bathroom heaters can take up to 60 minutes!

The Eko-Rail is available as a dual surface or fixed surface heater. Whilst  the fixed surface sits stationary against the wall, the dual surface has hinging capabilities that allow it to rotate 180°. This rotation capability increases the amount of towels that can be stored on the heater. It also increases the amount of heat that is circulated around the room, with air being pushed into the room from two angles.

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The vertical Eko-Rail heater comes in two sizes:

They all come with towel rails:
Eko-Rail Fixed Surface Towel Rail (300w): 2 towel rails
Eko-Rail Fixed Surface Towel Rail (450w):3 towel rails
Eko-Rail Dual Surface Towel Rail (300w): 4 towel rails
Eko-Rail Dual Surface Towel Rail (450w): 6 towel rails

Eko-Rail Control System





Window Type:

Wall Insulation:

Floor Insulation:

Loft Insulation:

Room Type:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can these bathroom heaters come without the towel rail?

No, all Eko-Rail heaters come with the rail as standard and cannot be sold without.

Q. Can the 300w heaters come with robe hooks?

No, the robe hooks are only available with the higher wattage bathroom heaters

Q. How does the heater rotate 180 degrees?

The heater sits on a bracket that has hinging capabilities. The stem of  one side of the heater is attached to the wall, allowing the other side to move.

Q. Which Heater is which

The Eko-Rail Fixed surface heaters are bathroom heaters that sit securely on the wall without rotation capability. They come in two sizes, and have towel rails on one side. 

The Eko Rail Dual surface has rotation capabilities and sits on the wall via a central hinge. They come in two sizes, and have double the amount of towel rails as their fixed surface version.

Q. Does the Eko-Rail have a frost free mode.

Yes the Eko-Rail does have a frost free mode. Simply spin the Eko-Rail dial anticlockwise to its furthest point to activate. 

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