Why us

Customer Service

Providing the best customer service available to you is of optimum importance to us. We ensure that your entire experience with us, from an initial enquiry, through to delivery is simple and effective.


As well as staying warm, we understand that an aesthetically pleasing outlook is also an important part of your home comfort. Unlike other electric heating devices, we’ve made sure that our radiators will sit stylish in any room within your home


All Ekorad heaters are fully controllable. This puts you in complete control of your energy consumption and annual electricity expenditure. Unlike other heating systems, Ekorad heaters are fully independent, allowing you to adjust the temperature and electricity input / output on different heaters around the home. Check out our running costs here

Environmentally Friendly

We ensure that our products make use of modern technologies that protect the environment. So as well as buying a product that is stylish and economical, you’ll have the added satisfaction of protecting the environment whilst staying warm.


All EkoRad products come with a two year guarantee. Having a guarantee is vital when installing any electrical heating option. Having an insurance plan will give you peace and mind. Plus, we’re always available to give advice. So if you do come across any issues with the heaters, you can simply call us for information and advice.

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